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Weathereye: Selected Poems

Steve Griffiths’ Weathereye: Selected Poems pulls together the best of seven collections over forty years. There are poems of childhood and family and love poems, poems of being alive and conscious – and perhaps above all a continuing quest to understand what’s going on ‘among scatterings of lived material’, exploring the nature and fragilities of community against a backdrop of the deep changes that are shaping us and challenging our beliefs.

There are veins of loss, commemoration, resistance to injustice, and self-questioning; living landscape and interrogated history. Griffiths’ capacity to celebrate and lament develops and deepens as he calls increasingly on a lightness of touch and a mischievous glint.

ISBN: 9781781328514
Format: Paperback
Pages: 234
Publishing: May 2019
Publisher: SilverWood Books


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“This generous selection from forty years give us the measure of the scope and depth of Steve Griffiths’ work. From the start, it held the tension between the personal and the political, the view from the edge and the crunch-points of contemporary change. At the hinge of the book, we find the revelatory sidestep into the shifting, wry utopia of Al-Chwm, not an escape from but a deft critique of our realities…from where the writing returns to address the inner and the outer world with new confidence and clarity.”

Philip Gross