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Late Love Poems

Steve Griffiths’ Late Love Poems are a series of celebrations and meditations, poems of playfulness and tragedy, loss and recovery – while time still has some tricks to play, some joyful, some cruel. It’s a story of two young people who were together in the Seventies, went their separate ways, made their lives and had their families; and their coming together again in their mid-fifties. The poems carry a charged resonance between past and present, and inhabit a world where generosity is unexpectedly abundant, and is as playful as it is hard-earned. They are a new and surprising – and surprised – departure for Steve.

ISBN: 9781910836040
Format: Paperback
Published: 2016
Publisher: Cinnamon Press


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Late Love Poems – The Film Project

Steve Griffiths was awarded an Arts Council England grant in 2015 to work with film-maker Eamon Bourke of Park6Films to create 30 short films of performances of poems from his new collection Late Love Poems. The resulting films were uploaded to YouTube poem by poem, one a week.

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