Updrafts – pamphlet published August 2020

This pamphlet is the result of Ludlow Fringe 2020’s Beautiful Earth project.  Workers for the Fringe had the idea that to cheer us all up at a difficult time, Ludlow should be decked out with bunting, each pennant with an artwork or a poem celebrating the beauty of the Earth.  Steve Griffiths saw this and began to collect poems from past and future books that would fit the bill: Updrafts, they aim to lift your flight, if you’re a bird or a reader – with just a few shadows.  They complement his Late Love Poems, many of which are included in his latest: Weathereye: Selected Poems.  Ludlow Fringe and Fair Acre Press agreed, and this pamphlet is the result.

In these times many people are struggling to make ends meet, particularly as things close down as a result of the Pandemic.  We will raise money to support Ludlow Food Bank from sales of the pamphlet.

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Weathereye: Selected Poems – published Spring 2019

Weathereye: Selected Poems Steve Griffiths’ Weathereye: Selected Poems pulls together the best of seven collections over forty years.  Out of Anglesey, Ynys Môn, then London, Spain, Ludlow.  Growing up slowly. Growing up again. Poems of being alive and conscious.  Perhaps above all, a long quest to understand what’s going on round here: the nature and fragilities of community against a backdrop of the deep changes that are shaping us and challenging our beliefs. Veins of loss, resistance to injustice, commemoration, self-questioning. Learning how to celebrate and lament.  The Late Love Poems.  Lived landscape, interrogated history. From all this, a half-imagined place, a transformed village that became a great power, a fitful, flickering Utopia: al-Chwm. Learning, sometimes, a lightness of touch and a mischievous glint.

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Latest News from Steve

Pestilence Poems

Pestilence Poems

Scottish poet Hugh McMillan has popped up a video reading I made of my poem 'Words' into the February Backroom of his Pestilence Poems series. Tricky things, Words, we continue to discover - or not. It's a fine series, Pestilence Poems - take a look at the others. And...

Ink Sweat and Tears

Ink Sweat and Tears

Here's a poem up today - my debut appearance on the excellent Ink Sweat & Tears; 'New Craft', my only performance as the daring old man in the flying campervan: I’m taking delivery of a house that flies. Wish us well, and hope it will respond to our touch...  ...

Late Love Poems at Ludlow Fringe online

Late Love Poems at Ludlow Fringe online

Steve Griffiths' Late Love Poems video, filmed by Eamon Bourke, is being shown on the Ludlow Fringe online during the second half of August. A selection from the poems appears in 'Weathereye; Selected Poems'. They were originally published as 'Late Love Poems'...

Late Love Poems – The Film Project

In 2015, Steve Griffiths was awarded an Arts Council England grant to work with film-maker Eamon Bourke of Park6Films to create 30 short films of performances of poems from his collection Late Love Poems, published by Cinnamon Press in 2016. The resulting films were uploaded to YouTube poem by poem, one a week.

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