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Updrafts is an exceptional pamphlet, studded with some of the very best of Steve Griffiths’ work and produced in conjunction with the Ludlow Fringe Festival 2020. All profits go to Ludlow Food Bank.

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Weathereye: Selected Poems

SilverWood Books 2019
Steve Griffiths’ Weathereye: Selected Poems pulls together the best of seven collections over forty years. There are poems of childhood and family, love poems, and poems of being alive.

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Late Love Poems

Cinnamon Press 2016
Steve Griffiths’ Late Love Poems (Cinnamon Press, 2016) are celebrations and meditations, poems of playfulness and tragedy, loss and recovery – while time still has some tricks to play, some joyful, some cruel.

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Cinnamon Press 2011
A varied but coherent collection by a subtle and deeply intelligent writer who can address human concerns like the intimate recall of childhood or the challenges of middle age without sentimentality; he can move between abstract thought and concrete particularities with such ease that sometimes the join is invisible.

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An Elusive State

Cinnamon Press 2008
A man hits fifty. He grew up surrounded by a belief in progress. Now he, and the world around him, are not so sure. He creates a Utopia to comfort himself. Steve Griffiths’s cycle of poems, Al-Chwm, tells the story of the life and death of an imaginary utopia.

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...Only later they discovered DNA in common
with a small Saharan people:
great humidity out of the arid,
the underlying kinship of opposites,
like solidarity
only dancing in spirals.

They shared a meal of their different gutturals,
their tonalities
and their different teas
and afterwards they walked in a vaulting space.

From Kinship, 2000

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