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An Elusive State: entering al-Chwm

A man hits fifty. He grew up surrounded by a belief in progress. Now he, and the world around him, are not so sure. He creates a Utopia to comfort himself. Steve Griffiths’s cycle of poems, Al-Chwm, tells the story of the life and death of an imaginary utopia.

ISBN: 9781905614608
Format: Paperback
Published: 2008
Publisher: Cinnamon Press


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...There was this critical loss
in the quality of attention,
when the pinch of irony
slipped through the fingers.
Once the smile stopped
playing on the lips
there remained
only an absolute
to pass on to the young,
just one flat stone
without which the sea
would be drained.
al-Chwm was gliding
into the dock
of the state of error,
in a downpour
fast and furious
of unintended consequence.
Thought to be decayed
from lack of use,
the organ of surveillance
took on its own life
and those of others...

From Certainty , 2001
An Elusive State: entering al-Chwm