On the 9th September, I'll be taking part with a load of other Border poets in the Poetry Marathon at Knighton Community Centre, from 10.45 - a free poetry festival supporting people displaced by war and violence, organised by the excellent Knighton and District Refugee Support Group.


Greatly looking forward to reading in Merefest's Speaking of Nature tent, Merefest, 16 September, 11a.m. till late! I'll be reading at 6.30 - but take a look at the poster, it's a cornucopia of wildlife celebration and fun.




Steve Griffiths has up to now read mostly in London, Wales and the Marches, in the last year at the Wenlock Poetry Festival, Shrewsbury Poetry, Porthcawl, Oxford, Hereford, Abergavenny and Ludlow.


He has given two series of readings in New York, the last a series of seven performances from his collection 'Surfacing' in New York in 2012. He has also read in Barcelona and in Paris at the Festival Franco-Anglais de Poesie. He has read his work a number of times on BBC Radio 3, on the BBC World Service, and on Radio Catalunya. And some of the Late Love Poems on BBC Radio Wales' The Arts Show, and on BBC Radio Shropshire.


Here’s a response to a reading he gave for Wenlock Books in Shropshire in April 2007:


‘Steve Griffiths was warm, accessible and honest, owning up to some scepticism about his own role as a poet. Not that he’s casual about it. Through the evening there was a clear line of development, and within an hour we could follow changes in his concerns and the style of his writing. There were gaps in the story, where he hadn’t written or hadn’t published. There was a huge variety of poems on offer, from love lyrics to political allegory, personal observation to sustained fantasy. In that intimate setting it was easy to catch every word, and he read with calm assurance, measuring the weight of each line but without a trace of self-importance. I’ve been to a lot of poetry readings, and the people for whom this was the first time were luckier than they will ever know’.

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