Late Love Poems - the book





Steve Griffiths' Late Love Poems (Cinnamon Press, 2016) are celebrations and meditations, poems of playfulness and tragedy, loss and recovery - while time still has some tricks to play, some joyful, some cruel.


It's a story of two young people who were together in the Seventies, went their separate ways, made their lives and had their families; and their coming together again in their mid-fifties. There's a conversation between past and present that creates a kind of feedback, a charged resonance. The poems come back repeatedly to the idea of a lesson learned late in generosity.


An immediacy of profound physical and emotional celebration, of recovery of something that had been lost, gave wings to the experience of writing the poems. Some people in second marriages, late relationships that work, might understand this. But at the same time it's about first discoveries:

As I pad back in the half-light

from the wintry bathroom

I can see you’ve splayed out

in long, hidden spurs

beneath the quilt

across a frozen sea

of sheets to headlands

where I find your feet.....


In the way you’ve opened out

contented over crumpled fields of sea-ice

there’s this vulnerable generosity

I could reach down to take

and join with mine, the quality

of ease within me

that you introduced me to....

Late Love Poems reflect an eternal truth that when you're sixty, the people you were at sixteen, twenty-six and so on live on within you, an insistent presence. There's a conversation to be had with these other people who are you, for as long as you're able to listen.


Just in case you feel this is all very serious:

I’m moving in with you


so we’ll make love

when the day of the week

has a d in it,


because you laughed so much in bed

that your ears were flooded with tears

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