Music and the Late Love Poems


Music for the films was not part of the original idea for the project. However, from first, successful experiments, it grew to be a feature of a third of the films.


A partnership with Ivan 'Ogmios' Owen arose out of casual conversation. I have known him since he was little. He is a musician, film-maker, and battle-rapper: his battles have attracted audiences on YouTube in excess of 100,000. He is pretty unorthodox: laid back, witty, with a strong poetic gift and most strikingly, a commitment to progressive ideas: his challenges to mysogeny in his rap battles are a challenge to lazy assumptions.


Ivan produced music for five films which amounted to a major contribution to the project:


Music was added to several other films. A piece by Corelli was used brilliantly by Eamon Bourke in constructing 'Backstroke', one of the peaks of the project. He identified two other fragments which were used with 'Spring', the most popular film, and 'In Sickness', again a superbly realised film. A fragment used in 'January' was donated by composer and close friend John Hywel.


My view is that a poem becomes one part of a different art form with the creation of a film; and music has been used with poetry since time immemorial. A silent background had its rightful place in two-thirds of the films.

A still from 'In Sickness' - speeding through the dusk

A still from 'Backstroke'

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