Late Love Poems - the films



30 short films? We must have been mad. Let's say there were unexpected twists and turns and discoveries - both delights and discomforts. As the dust settles, the slow process begins of understanding what we've done. It took a deal of planning; but in the end, like all good journeys, for these makers it became a mystery tour.


Because there were thirty, there were different paths, and as time goes on the paths begin to form into patterns and groups. Here's how they begin to shape up (think of queues outside a class in a primary school). Each one has a page and a link to one or two tasters:








Steve Griffiths was awarded an Arts Council England grant in 2015 to work with film-maker Eamon Bourke of Park6Productions to create 30 short films of performances of poems from his new collection Late Love Poems. From July 2015 to Valentine's Day 2016, the films were uploaded to YouTube poem by poem, one a week, culminating with publication of the collection by Cinnamon Press in January 2016.


The project was supported by social media partners from the arts, libraries and other community networks to engage with a range of audiences.


Other valued members of the team were photographer Jules May (film assistance and sound) and Liz Hyder, Social Media Lead and publicity.


The project has certainly been a voyage of discovery. Over months, it took on new forms, with the visual dimensions and echoes glancing off the poems’ imagery from film-maker Eamon Bourke – and glancing off the map of my face in close-up. There were unforeseen musical transformations, including new and revelatory compositions by Ivan 'Ogmios' Owen, battle-rapper, film-maker, composer, best friend of Steve's son since the age of two: he created new dimensions for film and poem to inhabit. Out of left field.

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