In sickness - love poems and laments

You write Late Love Poems. Ageing as we all are. Bits fall off. Integral to these poems is a long look at some of the ways our lives can be derailed by illness, the challenge of that, and the ways you can be sustained by a loving relationship. There is loss, so there is lament. You have to laugh if you're going to survive. There is anger, defiance, plenty of that. A realisation that you may be knocked down, but you still carry in you the energy, or a vivid memory of the energy, of someone at a height of physical health. And then there is transcendent love.


This is challenging to people who want to click into a simple celebration of love - and it's natural that that's what you would want. It's what we wanted. But stuff happens, complexity happens: you have to deal with it. These poems are about us dealing with it, and coming through it, with a new force, a new quality to the lives we share. Celebration of what we are and what we have is not far below the surface in these poems. But it was not easily won, and poems such as 'Being Strong' and 'The Harrowing of the Squamous Cell Carcinoma' demonstrate this. The latter was the least viewed film in the YouTube series. It's an intimidating title for a poem of laughter and affirmation.

Interestingly, some of the most inspired and inventive film work, and music, came out in response to these poems - responses by much younger people. Take a look:






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